2000 Ferintosh, Alberta

Imagine this scene!  One of our families, arriving in their motor home, asked a local resident if he could direct them to the reunion.  The man said, “Follow me”.  He jumped on his bicycle to escort our guests to the Ferintosh Hall.  What a friendly welcome!

People started arriving on Friday afternoon. The 160 people, who attended the Third Bi-annual reunion from all across North America, enjoyed three days of visiting, looking at pictures and browsing through the updated books of history we provided.  We thank everyone who corrected or updated the information for those who are endeavouring to bring the Roadhouse history up to date.  The oldest person to attend the reunion was Irene Taylor from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The youngest was Amanda Katherine Munro, at six weeks old, from Bowden, Alberta. Dick and Nancy Taylor came the farthest from Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.  The Bowens had the greatest number of their family in attendance.

Our “Pioneer” supper was a hit and an ice breaker, on Friday night.  What was in the stew? Was it rabbit, elk, buffalo, skunk or woolly mammal?  Just ask Cheryl Mellow!  We had her convinced it was skunk and she was there when we made the stew.  It was quite authentic for people to receive their delicious portion of the stew around the campfire.  Our intentions were to sit around the campfire to eat but it was too hot in the sun. We sat in the shade of the hall. Everyone was warned there would be a questionnaire after they had tasted the stew.  There were many answers as to what was in the stew.  With the stew we served hot biscuits, home-made jams and jellies and good old-fashioned rice and raisin pudding.  Is you mouth watering yet?  We had a great evening visiting and getting to know each other.

It was thrilling to renew acquaintances, but more importantly to meet people whom we had only known by name.  The Roadhouses from Mission, BC, met for the first time at the reunion.  Others from the Sunshine Coast of BC are going to keep in touch.  Some families found close cousins whom they had never met. 

What an exciting opportunity to meet strangers who became friends!

Saturday afternoon the young and some not so young enjoyed games and a water fight.  How many of the more than teens were soaked in the water fight?  What an exhilarating sunny afternoon to get soaked!  The older folks sat around and watched, hoping they wouldn’t be the next to feel the spray from a missed target.  Oh, it was fun!  Thanks to Earl and Tracy.

Dave Munro, as master of ceremonies, introduced everyone by family groups.  It was interesting to see the number of families represented at the reunion. Karen Munro read a verse “Grandma’s Disease”.  The Bowen grandchildren presented a skit, “The Perils of Milking the Family Cow”. It was hilarious!  How many times were you kicked by the unruly cow, Tina?

Saturday evening around the campfire!  Many were chased inside because of the mosquitoes. Some more hardy than those of the committee will have to tell you the tales told around the campfire. Sunday morning we enjoyed a catered brunch.  We were served sausages, pancakes, toast, quiche and a variety of fruit.  And, no dishes or cleanup.

The Bergstrom Sisters, a local dynamic group of singers, entertained us with inspirational songs and hymns on Sunday morning.  It was very appropriate and fitting for the closing of our weekend.

Did you know that visiting and reminiscing requires a great deal of energy?  Food requirements were high on the agenda.  We consumed quantities of delicious home-made food.  We enjoyed pancakes, sausages, jam, syrup and fruit for breakfast. Buns, veggies, cold meat, fruit, cookies and muffins were served for lunch.  Coffee, tea, home-made lemonade, iced tea, cookies and muffins were available all day.  Saturday evening we enjoyed lasagna, chili, veggies, fruit and more cookies.  We hope no one left the table hungry.  Oh yes, the meat in the stew was buffalo.  We purchased the meat from Ivan Smith, one of the Roadhouse descendants.

On behalf of our dedicated committee, we would like to thank everyone who attended the reunion.  Whether you provided names, addresses, history of family members, helped in the kitchen or the clean-up, provided precious family pictures for the book, shared stories from the past or just came and had a great time meeting your cousins, we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Millie Clark has compiled a wonderful ‘Master List’ of names and addresses and also how each family fit into this huge complex family.  Happily, this ‘Master List’ has expanded considerably and it keeps growing every month. If you know of family, ie: brothers, sisters, children or grandchildren,who are not on our list, please send them to Millie or the reunion 2002 committee.  We want to include the younger families as this heritage will be theirs to explore and update in the future.

Now, imaging this scene in 2002!  You will be standing on the ground where the Roadhouse’s homesteaded.  This will be an awe inspiring experience.  Do join us.  We will meet on “The Ridges” in 2002.

The Alberta Committee (Elsie and Stan Bowen, Harold and Judy Stewart, Katherine Smith, Dave
and Dorothy Munro)     



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  1. nicole gauthier says:

    hello I am searching for relations to the Bowens, Stan and Elsie Bowen who were related to a Marian Laverne Bowen (born in Hardistry AB, died 2000 in Hamilton, Ont.) please help me get in contact with them or their family members. 450-451-6541

  2. admin says:

    I have sent an email to one of Stan and Elsie’s children with your request. If I can be of any further help, please let me know. Millie

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