2010 Reunion Location

The 2010 reunion will be near Leamington, Township of Mersea, Essex County, Ontario.  Read a  notation about Mersea Township from the 1851-1852 Canada West census returns by the enumerator, James King, February 13, 1852. 

William Roadhouse (1828-1880) came to Canada with his parents in 1832.  His father, Samuel, was the second son of William Roadhouse (1774-1857) who settled in Albion Township, Peel County.  Samuel and his family settled in the Niagara Region.

On September 14, 1857, William Roadhouse (1828-1880) of Gainsborough County purchased sixty-six acres in Mersea Township from William H. Johnson for the sum of 200 pounds.  On May 24, 1858, the same William Roadhouse of Clinton Township in Lincoln County purchased thirty-three acres in Mersea Township from Jacob P. Fox for the sum of 50 pounds.  He then came to his new holding, travelling from the Niagara Region to Essex County by oxcart.  (copies of deeds provided by Floyd Roadhouse).  These lands were located on what is now the 7th concession of Mersea Township.

In William’s will, he proportioned his land and bequeathed it to his son’s, Brewin and Winnet.  In 1879, William’s daughter, Caroline, married Wesley Miller who also owned land on the 7th concession. On January 18, 1901,  Brewin purchased this land from Wesley Miller and on February 23, 1916, Brewin’s son, Joseph “Earl”, assumed the mortgage for $700 plus interest.  Earl also purchased adjoining land from his brother, Eugene.  After marrying Elizabeth Mills, Earl began construction of their home on this land. 


Wedding picture of Joseph “Earl” Roadhouse and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mills, November 20, 1918 





Their home shortly after construction.  Except for an addition to the rear of the home, it remains much the same today.














Upon the death of Earl Roadhouse in 1965 the farm was passed to his son, Charles Ernest.  When “Ernie” married in 1975, the farm was sold to David Chevalier.  This was the first time in over 150 years that the land was not in Roadhouse possession.  However, this did not last long for in 1989, David married Janette Simon, granddaughter of Joseph Earl Roadhouse.  Today David, Janette and their son, Kevin, reside here and with Kevin’s avid desire to be a farmer, we have every reason to believe it will remain in the hands of a Roadhouse descendant for many years to come.


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