William Roadhouse (1774-1857) and Elizabeth Crissey (1774-1864)

Henry Roadhouse (1775-1848) and Elizabeth Jackson (1774-1842)

Benjamin Roadhouse (1791-1867) and Catherine Heacock (1798-    )

The three links above gives a short description of the first Roadhouse men who came to Canada. The information is taken from the Roadhouse Ancestry compiled by O.B. Briggs

A treasure for the the Roadhouse family are the writings of Joseph Roadhouse in 1892 to his granddaughter Frances Monkman.  This is a vivid account as to the hardships and personal lives of our ancestors both in England and as settlers in Canada.

Read an excerpt from The Story of Albion by Esther Heyes.  She provides an excellent account of our ancestors’ first years in Albion Township.  Benjamin Jenkinson Roadhouse (1836-1917) moved to Kirks Corners near St. Marys, Ontario.  This is a description of his life and family.  The photos noted in this article were not available.

In hand-written pages by Eva Vinter (1924-2015) provides a description of her parents and grandparents and tells of some of the work they did.

From 60 pages of letters and memoirs written in the spring of 1949, Mabel L. Sullivan writes to her cousin, Sarah Emma (Roadhouse) Dunn 1881-1961.  Titled “History of the Roadhouse Family from 1744 to 1949” she includes pictures and information on the Elvidege, Hacking and Gauly families as well as the Roadhouses.  Mabel’s mother was Annie Lavina Roadhouse from the Newmarket area.  Mabel was once the secretary to Henry Ford. Four of those sixty pages can be read here.                                                Provided by Jeff Dunn, Easton, Maryland

Etta Victoria Cauthers McCulloch remembers her grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Stephenson Flewell in Grandmother’s Stories.
I recently found this and regret I do not know who provided it to me.  If you are that person, please let me know.






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  1. Jeff Fleck says:

    RE Mark Roadhouse, son of Henry Roadhouse. Mark was first married to Harriet Chrowder, the Daughter-in-law in your paragraph. By 1864 He was in Rock Island, Illinois with his son Christopher. They moved to Osborne, Kansas where He is buried. There are numerous descendants in the Osborne area.

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