For a few years now I have mused over the prospect of creating a website for the Roadhouse Family. Thanks to my son, David, who got me started with this site, I can now develop my ideas.  Rather than create a genealogy site, I have chosen to share the information I have gathered over the last few years from press articles and other papers that have come my way.

The descendants of William, Henry and Benjamin Roadhouse number in the tens of thousands.  The numerous branches of their descendants have information on their fore bearers that others would find interesting.  I believe our information should be shared and my purpose here is to do that by enclosing some of what I have.  If you have articles you wish to share, ideas for other things to include or just a comment, I encourage and welcome your input.

Millie Clark


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  1. Noreen Bateman says:

    Dear Millie
    I would love to talk with you. I live west of Calgary & my connection is Martha Roadhouse,& John Mellow>Harriett[Mellow}Smith,my grandmother >her daughter,Rachel,my mother.
    I might guess you know David Munro…we are first cousins.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Noreen Bateman Ph: 403-932-2662
    Absolutely love finding this website today

  2. Karen Roadhouse Fossati says:

    Hi Millie
    I was surfing thru the net and looking up something about someones death and found this link!!
    so I entered Roadhouse.
    This is the result
    seems various people take pictures n post on this site? My mom is in the list Wonder if you are related to any 🙂
    Thought you might be interested in this and perhaps put the link on the Roadhouse family website 🙂

    Karen Fossati nee Roadhouse ( I live in Calgary , met you in Spruceview in 2008)

  3. Candice Petersen says:

    I just saw a picture of Eva Roadhouse (Meston). I was doing some family tree research a few years ago and came across her name. She was married to my grandfather. We never knew that he was married to her. He never talked about her to my father (his son). I don’t even know if my dad’s stepmother knew about her. Vernor Meston had a colourful past (we think). He was closed mouthed about his past. Does anyone know anything about Eva? I would be interested in what happened between her and my grandfather.

  4. Laurie says:

    Nice to find this page. I am a descendent of Sarah Harriet Roadhouse and Richard Stephenson. Tried to email Mille, but email came back with a mailer Dameon failure. Is there a new email addy?
    Please note if you have a tree on the web that has Sarah marrying Richard in 1861 please check out the Home District Marriage Register. It shows Richard and Sarah Marrying December 6, 1848 which would be logical since they had many children before 1861.

  5. mary jean (roadhouse)mueller says:

    I am a roadhouse decendent of William. My grandfather was Wilbert emerson Roadhouse and my grandmother was Beatrice Iotha Webb Roadhouse who lived in Evesham sask. I think grandpa wibs dads name was Daniel.

    My father was Wesley Neal from Hughenden alberta

    the above are all deceased

    I am interested in my family history and would love to come to Ontario sometime and see the barn that I have heard so much about and the cemetery. They are on my bucket list.

    I think there is a reunion this summer am I right?

  6. Holly Trudeau (Mellow) says:

    Hello. I am trying to find out information on my family history.
    My great grandfather was Joseph Mellow, his wife was Mary Latimer.
    Can you please email me if you can help?
    Kind Regards
    Holly Trudeau ( maiden name Mellow ).
    My Grandfather was George Mellow

  7. Crystal Ridley says:

    Hi Millie!
    Hi Millie! I’m not sure if your interested in relatives this far out, but thought
    I would send a little note to say hello, just in case! My 3 times Great
    Grandmother Martha Roadhouse was the 3rd wife of Mark Roadhouse, son of
    Henry Roadhouse. If you’d like to know more about their part of the
    family I’d be glad to send it.
    Thanks for sharing all that you have on your site!
    Crystal Ridley

  8. admin says:

    Hi Crystal, SO very pleased to hear from you. I, as well as many others in the family, would be most interested in any information you can provide. The information that I have been provided by other cousins indicate Mark having 6 wives but all the children from his first wife, Harriet Chrowder. Looking forward to hearing from you again. You can reach me more easily at millieclark@cogeco.ca

  9. Virginia Heath says:


    I am so delighted to have stumbled across this wonderful website of Roadhouse family history. What a treasure you have collected for us all. Thank you!

    My father, (now 87 years), has told me many stories of his childhood summers visiting his grandparents in Fordwich Ontario (I am currently trying to pursuade him to write them down). My father’s mother was Isabell Hargrave (daughter of Maria Roadhouse and Thomas Charles Hargrave). My father’s grandmother (Maria Roadhouse), was the daughter of Charles (married to Catherine Nunn), whose father was Joseph (married to Margaret Downey) etc.

    Apart from stories which reach back 80 or so years, I may also have some items that might be of interest to you for your site (photos, letters).

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Virginia Heath (great- grandaughter of Maria Hargrave (Roadhouse).

  10. admin says:

    Hi Virginia, so very pleased to receive this information. It is always a pleasure to meet another cousin.

  11. Brian Ray Roadhouse says:

    Greetings from Calgary .. I have been doing some research .. but seems you folk are way ahead of me. Do give me a call on 403.455.0911 and we can have a catch-up visit. Are we doing a major homecoming in 2019 to celebrate 200 years in Canada ?? Blessings and Peace !! Rev. Brian

  12. Sharron Martin says:

    I wrote a comment in the Samuel Roadhouse 1798-1884 reply spot, but I’m not sure that that was the correct spot.
    I know for a fact that William Roadhouse Bain married Sarah Jane Abbey (they are buried with my grandparents in the cemetery in Ayr Ontario.)
    William Roadhouse Bain’s parents were Mary Jane Roadhouse (1842-1918) and Alexander Bain (1837-1876).
    I think of this Mary Jane Roadhouse as being the daughter of Samuel Roadhouse and Sarah Terrell. If I have made a mistake please provide me with insight. Many thanks!

  13. Trevor Roadhouse says:

    Hi Millie:

    Just wondering where and when the next reunion is. Please let me know – my wife and I are both retired now and would love to help out in any way we can.

    Trevor Roadhouse

  14. admin says:

    Hi Trevor, so happy to hear from you. The next reunion is tentatively planned for July 27, 28, 29 of next year (2018) and will be held in Leamington, Ontario, the site of the 2010 and 2014 reunions. The attendance has been falling over the last few years. Many of the older folks have passed away or are no longer able to attend. The younger cousins have busy schedules. However, we have a few new ones each year and it is always nice to meet cousins that we would not otherwise see or meet if not for the reunions. At this stage I would suggest that the best thing you could do regarding helping out would be to pass the word around and let our cousins out there know that we have a great fun time and try and get them interested in attending. Look forward to seeing you again and all the best to Tanis and Robert. Bye for now, Millie

  15. Heidi C Harnish says:

    My mother was Catherine Elizabeth Roadhouse, her father was D.S.Roadhouse, his father was John Edward George Roadhouse, his father was James Bedford Roadhouse, and his father Benjamin Roadhouse (born 1781). I also have a group of old photos with no names on them (they are from John Edward George Roadhouse and his wife Cora Cecelia Mosteller’s photo albums). I looked at all your photos carefully and none match my unknowns. Thank you for such a nice website and the information you have collected, it is much appreciated. Would love to come the the reunion next year!

  16. scott doupe says:


    My GG Grandmother was Mary Roadhouse (1828-1884) she married Samuel Doupe and they lived in St Mary’s Ontario. Their oldest child was Benjamin Hartwell my Great grandfather who moved to Manitoba in 1882.

    I would love to learn more about the Roadhouse connection an understand you have reunions from time to time.

    Scott Doupe
    Calgary Alberta

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