2016 Spruce View, Alberta

This was our 11th Biannual Roadhouse/Mellow Reunion. Our numbers were down but we had a great time getting to really know each other.  The fellowship and the visiting continued from the morning pancake breakfast until evening. We could tell you a few interesting stories – but we won’t.  Most interesting!!!

Our traditional Friday evening dinner of Buffalo Stew and Biscuits is always a drawing card.

It was wonderful to see a few new people and get to know where they fit into this very large family.  The charts we had posted were viewed many times as people wanted to know where they fit into the Roadhouse family.  Interesting to note that we didn’t have anyone with the Roadhouse name but we did have Merton and Sharyn Mellow with the Mellow name.

We had an interesting Saturday evening going back in time.  We heard some of the history of how Western Canada and the USA were settled with many Roadhouse descendants heading west with other pioneers.  Don and Rosalie Lammle were able to tell the history of Harriet Mellow and Amos Smith’s trials in the west.  Sylvia Smith read a story from Pearl Lammle’s book, Maw and Paw Stories.  Dave Munro told us of some of the stories of many of the Roadhouse pioneers coming to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  This was a great deal of information for one night so we have included their stories in the reunion book.

On Saturday evening we had the great pleasure of helping Tom and Millie Clark celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  We also helped Paul Nowels celebrate his 85th birthday.

Sunday morning we again enjoyed pancakes, bacon, sausages and lots of fruit and whipped cream.  Doesn’t that make your mouth water?

We had the pleasure of having Darrell Beane attend our reunion.  He is a pastor from Washington and his Sunday morning message was so very inspirational.  We concluded the morning with all joining hands and repeating This Friendship Ring, then a rousing The More We Get Together.  So ended our weekend with lunch and many, many goodbyes.

We look forward to meeting everyone at the Roadhouse/Mellow Reunion in Ontario in 2018.

The Reunion Committee

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