2002 Caledon, Ontario


The reunion in 2002 was held on the farm north of Toronto originally settled by William Roadhouse (the first Roadhouse to come to Canada) in 1819.  Roadhouse descendants had not held the land for many years but Ralph Monkman, a descendant of Joseph Roadhouse, had purchased the land to once again create a family connection.  During our fourth gathering, family members toured by foot and hay wagon the land cleared by our ancestors in the mid 1800s.

Local dignitaries, recognizing the significance of the reunion being held of original Roadhouse land, visited us on Saturday evening.  The local town crier announced the dinner and the President of The Ontario and Peel County Historical Society gave a most interesting speech.

On Sunday morning the family gathered at Pleasant Valley Cemetery, a short walk from the farmhouse, to remember our forbearers at a service conducted by Rev. Gary Dickey.  Extensive work had been completed to restore the gravestones of William and Elizabeth Roadhouse and other family members who were buried there. 

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Citizen-Observer, Cameron Missouri, August 22, 2002

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