Henry and Elizabeth Roadhouse came to Canada in 1829 with four sons, three daughters, a daughter-in-law and an infant grandson.  The oldest daughter, Ann, remained in England.  He bought NW 1/4 Lot 22, Con. 8, in Albion Twp., where he lived until the death of his wife, when he went to Dixie to live with his daughter, Elizabeth, Mrs. William Johnson.  The farm of Henry Roadhouse was on the next concession west of that of his brother William, who settled on Lot 23, Con. 9. According to his obituary in the Christian Guardian, Henry Roadhouse was “an acceptable local preacher in the Wesleyan Church”. Only a part of this family remained in Canada.  As will be noted, one son went to California and another to North Dakota.  It appears that the son, Mark, was married in England and that the daughter-in-law mentioned above was his wife, but no further record of him has been found, except that he was living on his father’s farm in 1837.

From family history compiled by O.B. Briggs

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Ann 1804-

Thomas 1806-1887

Mark 1808-1882 and Harriet Chrowder

Sarah 1809-1904

Martha 1810-1904

Elizabeth 1813-1889 and William Johnson

Joseph Truman 1815-1871

Mary 1817-1818

William 1819-1898



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