William sailed with his wife and eight children from Liverpool, England, May 26, 1819, in the ship, Evergreen, Capt. Rathburn, for New York. They traveled to Albany, New York and arrived at York, Upper Canada (now Toronto), August 12, 1819. Apparently he lost no time in applying for a grant of land and he may have been shown special consideration, for his “Ticket of Location” reads “Pursuant to an Especial Order In Council of 25th August 1819″ and he was assigned 200 acres, an unusual grant, in Albion Township, then in the “Home District” (now Peel County), Lot 23, Con. 9. The order was signed by the Lt. Governor Oct. 20, 1819. But it was too late to establish his family there that year, partly because of difficulty in finding his grant before winter set in. So the family wintered at Aurora and went into their new log cabin in April 1820. On performance of settlement duties and payment of fees of 5 pounds, 5 shillings, 5 pence, the final grant was made Jan. 17, 1828. His son, William, acquired a grant of 100 acres on Lot 22, Con 9. William Roadhouse was 45 years old, in the prime of life, when he came to Canada, where he was to spend another 38 years as a pioneer in the new land. Although information about him is fragmentary, it reveals him as a man of strong character, firm and uncompromising in his convictions, but tolerant of human frailties. His family life was exemplary and his religious faith was deep. As a young man he had been converted to Methodism and he was a member of the Wesleyan Church for 62 years. He died Nov. 11, 1857, at the age of 83, at the home of his son, William.
From family history compiled by OB Briggs

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–William 1796-1880 and Sarah Cass

–Samuel 1798-1884 and Sarah Terrel

Hannah 1799-1842

David 1801-1892

Jonathan 1803-1862

–Joseph 1805-1896 and Margaret Downey

–James 1808-1904 and Nancy Monkman

–Sarah 1810-1904 and David Downey

–John 1812-1858 and Mary Jane Briggs

Elizabeth 1814-1883

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  1. Crystal Hambly says:

    Hi, I love your site!

    I will keep it simply – my husbands’ 2nd great grandparents were Hannah Roadhouse, daughter of William and Elizabeth Crissey and James Wells.

    I am doing research on this branch and I have gathered alot of information but I would love to find some family photos. Their daughter Jane Wells married Thomas Hambly in 1853 and farmed in the area of Drayton, Ontario. Jane died at the young age of 53 years and is buried with her husband in Drayton, Ontario. These were the great grandparent of my husband Richard Hambly.

    I also would love to come to the next Roadhouse reunion if it is Ontario. I live in Brantford, Ontario.

    Keep up the great work.

    Regards, Crystal H

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