Benjamin Roadhouse is the nephew of William Roadhouse, b. January 23, 1774 at Monk Fryston, and Henry Roadhouse, b. December 19, 1775 at Monk Fryston, both of whom came to Canada and settled in Albion Township. The parents of Benjamin Roadhouse did not come to Canada, but he probably came with his Uncle William in 1819 or soon thereafter. Benjamin Roadhouse bought land in Albion Township, Lot 22, Con. 6, 200 acres, January 2, 1824, from Thomas Maxwell, who obtained a settlement right in 1823; the sale was registered March 9, 1830 after the patent was issued. Benjamin Roadhouse was a carriage maker by trade and served his apprenticeship in Bolton. He spent the remainder of his life in Albion Township and both he and his wife are buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bolton.

From the family history compiled by O.B. Briggs

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Jonathan 1825-1871 and Mary Ann Hawman

Elizabeth 1826-1908 and George Ruston

Mary 1828-1884 and Samuel Doupe

James Bedford 1830-1906

Matilda 1831-1841

Harris 1833-1910 and Harriet (Miller) Roadhouse

Rachel 1833

Benjamin Jenkinson 1836-1917 and Elizabeth Hazelwood

William 1838-abt 1875 and Elizabeth Oglesby

Silas Thompson 1843-1904

Elizabeth Campbell 1850-1929




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