Tin Type Photograph

This week I received this interesting email:

Hi there, we are an Antiques store located in Toronto. We recently came across a set of tin type photographs with a few names written on the back. We would like to see if these people in the photograph are known by anyone in your association. 

On the back says: Grandma Roadhouse, Amos Roadhouse, George Roadhouse

Thanks so much, Magida   www.theartofdemolition.com

See photo here.  So far we have been unable to identify the family.  Ideas anyone?

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  1. admin says:

    Reply received from Gary Dickey:
    Tin types were prevalent in the 1869s and 70s. If we dated the only Amos I have in my data base, who was the son of John Roadhouse and Mary Briggs, born 1843, Grandma Roadhouse could have been Elizabeth Cressy, wife of William and she died in 1863. But this woman looks a bit younger than about 85 which Elizabeth would have been in 1860 and Amos, if the younger boy, would have been about 17 which he does not look though if the older boy is Amos he looks to be about that age but who is the younger boy as George which I cannot seem to find a fit and Amos didn’t have a brother by that name though they could have been cousins too.

  2. admin says:

    I was pleased to receive word from Bruce Furtney that he has purchased this tin type. I bought the Tin Type Photo from the antique store in Toronto. l will put it in with my Roadhouse stuff. I wouldn’t be surprized if the connection might be the Roadhouse family that had a funeral home in New Market at one time. So pleased it will be with our someone from our family.

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